the last 20 years of Vampire: the Masquerade, would have .. of the titles chapter of the V20 Companion, an un- White Wolf Blogs, it became obvious that Vampire: ing PDF and Print on Demand versions of both our newest PDF products. Matthew Sanderson Alessandro Kellis V20 COMPANION 7. Vampire the Masquerade and Storyteller System are registered trademarks of CCP hf. Bill Sien. V20 Companion - Can a Prince command a Priscus? How have the Anarchs fared PDF + Hardcover Color Book (Premium). $ $

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V20 - Becketts Jyhad, , KB. file, V20 - Children of the, , KB. file, V20 - V20 Companion is a sourcebook that expands on Vampire: The This Vampire: The Masquerade-related article is a stub. PDF: $ V20 Dark Ages Companion is a sourcebook for Vampire 20th Anniversary Edition : The Dark Ages, with additional rules and PDF: $

Justin Achilli , Eddy Webb. Genevieve Podleski. Rich Thomas. Steven Stahlberg.

The Army of the Night

Special Thanks: Onyx Path Publishing. White Wolf Game Studio. Previous release: Dust to Dust. Game Books Vampire: Naturally, this makes Status a double-edged cially or as indicators of a caste system that marks the sword, conferring duty upon esteem, and such meri- individual as a second-class or worse Kindred. Nega- tocracy isnt always appropriate to every domain.

If the Kindred is able to hide her negative title, she suffers Titles as Status Bonuses no drawback from it, though if her title is revealed, Given that vampire society reveres status and ac- she may have more severe consequences than her title complishment, its not a surprise that those who ac- carries on its own. For example, if an Outcast in a Ca- quire titles can bring those symbols of accomplish- marilla domain claims a privilege that belongs only to ment to bear in the social arena.

Provided the Kindred recognized Kindred, or if a True Hand Quli disobeys in question doesnt mind name-dropping or laying it her orders, these vampires may well find themselves on thick, a Kindred can invoke her title for a Status banished, imprisoned, or even destroyed.

Should a player wish to confer a negative title on System: The player spends a Willpower point. For her character, she may do so at her discretion and the duration of the scene, the player may add the val- with the agreement of the Storyteller. Note that, in ue of the characters title in addition to the number of the context of a chronicle, it may not be possible to dice granted by her Status Background to dice pools simply declare a negative title void.

Since a negative that would be modified by the Status Background. While a negative title may pro- across as a sycophant or overbearing. See p. Creating New Titles System: Negative titles inflict a variety of draw- The Damned are enamored of any social construct backs upon those Kindred who labor under their stig- that allows them to display their importance to one ma. Cainites with negative titles subtract one from another. Their elaborate sect and clan structures re- social dice pools in actions involving those who know flect this, and in addition to the widespread titles they bear the title.

For example, a Sabbat stronghold on the border of a Lupine territory may have a Huntsman title respon- Titles by Sect sible for organizing proactive raids against the ram- Each of the Cainite sects has a different ideology, paging werewolves, while an Anarch might hold a and the agenda driven by this philosophy dictates diplomatic office responsible for recruiting from a variety of roles and responsibilities for those who the more stable Camarilla stronghold up the highway.

Indeed, with any the Traditions. The practical reality of the matter number of domains and unique situations that charac- varies by domain some domains are exceedingly terize the world of the Kindred, the number of distinct formal and do in fact resemble courts of aristocrats, titles is never uniform, nor is their exact function.

These Kindred, suspicious kine, and the unknown horrors of may serve as models for Storytellers to use in their do- the World of Darkness. Princes and Primogen may have a handful of very The Camarilla strict rules, but for the most part, Camarilla Kindred While it is by no means the oldest Kindred sect, the can do whatever they like, so long as they abide by the Camarilla is likely the most widespread and certainly Traditions of the domain and heed the pecking order.

This is due in large part to the Ivory To this end, the Camarilla typically practices a policy Towers laissez-faire attitude toward domains. So long of inclusion, in that it considers all Kindred members as whoever claims Praxis over the domain enforces of its sect unless they formally exclude themselves the Traditions and respects the customs and primacy from it such as by pledging allegiance to another of the Inner Council, the domain receives the Cama- sect.

As a result of this inequitable distribution of pow- The philosophy and hierarchy is unabashedly feu- er and duty, the Camarilla is also probably the sect dal: Those of high Status in the sect may be said to that has the most infighting.

With its disparate mem- rule those of lesser Status through setting or at bers united only under the variable authority of the least influencing domain policy and custom , but they Princes title whose powers vary from domain to also owe them some degree of protection against the domain the Camarilla has little to bring it together 18 CHAPTER ONE: TITLES aside from the charisma of the Prince and the threat such is the case, and any grievance in such a matter of other sects encroachment.

Feuds, vendetta, treach- held either by the debtor or the debt-holder must be ery, and scheming are as ubiquitous among Camarilla broached with the Harpies themselves. Kindred as is the need for blood. One characteristic of the Camarilla, despite its de- centralized power structure among the lower echelons, is an extremely potent and organized top tier.

The In- Optional System: ner Council of the Camarilla is universally respected or feared by the members of the sect, even if they Harpies as Status-Mongers disagree with its decisions or flout them in their pro- The approval of a Harpy can make or break vincial shadows.

Powerful agents of this high council, a fellow Kindred, and many Harpies are spar- like the Justicars, Archons, and Alastors, command ing with their praise but liberal with their respect wherever they travel, as they are mobile ex- scorn. Similarly, a Harpys disap- Tower can imagine. A Harpy may generate only to those it conquered and allowed its citizens to do a single Status effect at a given time, and whatever they wished, so long as the tribute arrived the effect lasts until the end of the scene in on time.

Critics use that same argument, and compare which the Harpy ends her favor or disfavor.

More information on the Camarilla may be found Keeper of Elysium on pp. The Prince enforces and interprets the Traditions; her word is law in her domain, which extends so far The duties and privileges of the Keeper of Elysium as she has the might or influence to back it up. So begin and end in those hallowed halls. Once out- long as the other Kindred of the domain respect the side an area with Elysium status, the Keeper is just Princes authority, the Prince may render a verdict on another Kindred.

In fact, some large domains, or in any matter involving the Traditions, up to and in- domains where the Prince decentralizes the power of cluding another Kindreds claim to the Blood.

Review – V20 Companion (Vampire: the Masquerade)

Every- other Kindred of the court, each Elysium has its own thing from censure to declaring a Blood Hunt is at the separate Keeper. The ultimate result is the same: The Princes disposal. Keeper of Elysium is both host and security in that august place, and she alone has the ability to remove The Princes duties and privileges are described on transgressors against civility and personal safety. The types of Prince who rule do- mains are many and varied.

V20 Ready Made Characters. V20 Lore of the Clans.

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Michael F. This book is fantastic, i cant find better words for it, for one the deeper look into Kindred Politics and economy despite it being in favors Boons owed, is super appreciative and honestly abit fun to read about, the amount of ideas i got reading [ Joseph P.

I'm honestly not sure why this product got anything higher than a 3 Star review. The material is very dry and uninformative pretty much across the board. The topics are very brief, not really adding anything to the game, except for using a lot of words [ Megan R.

The Introduction opens with a glowing recommendation for the 'open development' style of writing game books, where developers, writers and players kick ideas around in discussion forums as the book is written. This book was created in such a style, it' [ Flames R. Chapter One: Titles covers titles and their importance within the hierarchical structure of Kindred society.

Collections of titles are broken down by sect and each is tied to the Status background. As a storyteller I found this to be a very useful mech [ Ryan B. I was so unhappy with this book and their Kickstarter, that I threw them up on site and took a loss just to get rid of it. The worst part of this very short book was there is a section of what they didnt include in the book See All Ratings and Reviews.

V20 Dark Ages Companion

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