Tutorial for Paper Quilled Jewelry PDF Paisley and Teardrop Earrings and Pendants Quilled Paper Earring Patterns and Designs Quilling Paper Craft, Quilling. Tutorial for Paper Quilled Jewelry PDF Flower Earrings and Pendant Designs DIY Wedding and Bridesmaid Jewelry. Tutorial for Paper Quilled Jewelry PDF Retro Circles Earrings and Pendant Designs. $, via Etsy.

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DIY - Make your own paper quilled earrings and pendants! picscobenreatttas.tk tutorial has all the instructions you need to make FIVE different earring designs. They are: 1. This paper quilling tutorial is an instant download and teaches you to make your own earrings and/or pendants in 6 different designs. DIY - Make your own paper . FREE PDF Tutorial for Paper Quilled Daisy Flower Earrings. downloadable. Save . FREE PDF Tutorial More from Honey's Quilling. Tutorial for Paper Quilled.

Step 2: Secure the Supports Scott Jones Secure the 2 x 4 supports to the legs with 3-inch deck screws.

Lay the seat support across the legs and fasten. To prevent twist, lay the parts on a dead-flat surface. Later, you'll strengthen the joint with carriage bolts. Be careful to drive the screw head flush but no deeper; otherwise, you risk the screw point poking out the other side.

Screw the top frame together. Use a simple pipe clamp to hold the parts in position.

Duplicate the process to cut and fasten the seat frames. First, position the tabletop assembly flush with the top of the legs and clamp it into place.

At each end of the top, drive 3-inch deck screws through the inside of the frame and into the legs. Here's where a stubby impact driver really comes in handy, to fit between crossmembers.

Be sure the frame is flush with the seat support to ensure that seat planks, well, seat evenly. Step 6: Reinforce the Base Scott Jones To reinforce the table base and ensure that it doesn't tilt out of square, install two diagonal braces.

Now the heavy work is done. To ensure that any splintering occurs on the inside face of the legs, run the bit from the outside to the inside.

Quilling 101: Learn the Basics of Quilling Paper

Use a hammer to tap the carriage bolts through the holes, slide on galvanized washers and nuts and tighten with a socket wrench. If you use longer bolts than those I've specified, be sure to cut off any excess bolt shank and file the cut surface smooth. This will prevent the possibility of injury from a protruding shank. Fold the paper in half, crease well and open, and then fold again in the other direction.

Turn the paper over to the coloured side.

Your creases should look like this. Using the creases you have made, Bring the top 3 corners of the model down to the bottom corner. Flatten model.

Fold toward centre line and unfold. Using the crease you have just made, open and flatten this flap.

How to Quill Paper

Repeat step 4 and 5 on the other 3 flaps of the model. Lift the top layer up, folding along the crease shown. Now repeat step 8 on the remaining 3 flaps, so the model now looks like this. Turn over and make sure there are equal pleats behind each side of model.Let me know if you have something you'd like me to create for you! Tagged as DIY , earrings , jewelry , make your own , paper quilled , paper quilling , pdf tutorial , pendants , retro.


If your package has not arrived within a month, please check your tracking number! I can make any of my designs in other colors, make new designs, new products, etc.

I love quilling and hope you enjoy my work! Optional Supplies: No problem, I have them available as jewelry in my etsy shop!

How to Build the Perfect Picnic Table

Machine sew the leaves, leave the stalk side open. I love quilling and hope you enjoy my work! These tutorials have instructions for one or two designs and are currently available in the following patterns:

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