A selection of sparkling diamond clusters at unbelievable prices. Great designs, all certified and in hallmarked gold. Introducing Budget Diamonds only from. You can download a PDF version of our entire catalog! Downloadable catalog. Bridal. Diamond Jewelry. Gemstone Jewelry. Gents. Signature Collection. true to traditional karat gold jewelry's inherent characteristics, making it a treasured With the Au Naturale Earring Collection, Fremada is your. #1 fine gold earring All merchandise weights in this catalog are average and weights may vary.

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Cart. Home; >; Download our entire PDF Catalog The PDF files below contain our workshop's entire wholesale catalog available to Catalog (gold items) The only ancient Greek jewelry collection that comes with a LIFETIME quality and . Dubai, each offering our customers the widest collection and choicest designs in gold, diamond, platinum, and silver jewellery. Adding to its presence across. Moira Fine Jewellery's collection doesn't concentrate on a single period in time but This page: A pair of Sicilian 18th Century, pearl and gold, drop earrings.

A charm in any fashion accessory is very much these days. Charms are extensively used in anklets, wrist watches, chain bracelets etc. From toddlers to youngsters, this one will go well. Pearls are symbolic of royalty and grace.

Pearls are a status symbol and give a classy look. Golden chains with colours like white, pink, and cream in pearls look heavenly in the neck.

Pearl chains define the neckline elegantly with the fall. One can be a fashion icon with pearl jewellery. Any attire like Indian ethnic wear, gowns, evening wear, party wear etc. This can be an excellent gifting option too.

This simple chain is indeed a classy statement to make. See More: Latest Chain Designs 8.

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Rhinestone Gold Chains for Girls: Rhinestones look very similar to diamonds but are not that expensive.

Women can very well flaunt chains in gold with rhinestones in a single line or as a layered chain. They shine brilliantly and hence give a resplendent look to the woman wearing it. The pattern and the way in which the stones are fixed in the chain makes a huge difference and can just be that particular chain which you always wanted.

Rapper Gold Chains Design: Rappers and gangsters wear these thick and heavy chains in gold.

It is their style and hence these are known as rapper and gangsters chains. They just wear one thick chain or wear many chains altogether.

They carry this particular gold chain look with black or bling outfits and are generally heavy with weight. Evil eyes are popular as key chains, wristbands, chains etc. Using an evil eye in a chain and wearing it is considered good for the person. This one hangs from a gold chain and connected on the end with a pendant.

This unique name is because of the colour of the gold. Rose gold is very popular in making jewellery like rings, chains, bangles, junk jewellery etc. Rose gold is also known as red gold and pink gold depending on the extent of copper in it and these are for luxury and high-end people.

They are more on the expensive side. These rose gold chains execute class and elegance. Rose gold chains can be for both men and women. Antique Gold Long Chains Designs: Handed over from many generations, antique gold chains are symbolic of pride, culture, family and heritage. These precious chains have a monetary as well as the emotional value attached to them. They are indeed a very special and prized possession.

Blessed are those who have got heritage and antique jewellery passed on through generations. They are beautiful and are usually slightly heavy. Gold Chains With Swarovski Crystals: Swarovski crystals are very popular and in fashion these days with rings, bracelets, chains etc.

These amazing looking crystals are also used in various other accessories like watches, clothes, bags, etc. They have a designer element feel to it. Setting Swarovski crystals with pearls in a gold chain can be just beautifully crafted jewellery piece to complete the full look with another matching set of accessories.

Gold Rhodium Chains: Very highly popular element after silver infancy and trendy jewellery making are rhodium and rhodium finished metals.

They have a striking resemblance to silver in appearance and finish. They look very classy and upmarket. Even rhodium finish is used in gold and silver jewellery also for that unique shine.

This ladies gold chain design is simple and is affordable. Gold Chains With Peacock Designs: Gold chains inspired by peacocks form part of traditional jewellery. Peacock and peacock designs can be part of gold chains to be paired with ethnic wear.

The qualities of grace and beauty of a peacock can be compared to women and can represent women who can connect themselves to these qualities. Feathered Gold Chains: Feathered gold chains are not the same old, boring kind of chains. These look beautiful on women for that casual look. Feathers are for freedom and birds are symbolic of freedom and wings.

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Women are very much independent and hence they have their freedom of choice. Flaunt these lovely chains all you lovely ladies!! Snake Gold Chains: A fashion accessory for men and bang on style are snake chains in pure gold. Not those usual thin chains, these are thick and heavy, hence the name snake box chains. The fall of the chain looks very similar to a snake and hence the name.

Gold Chain with a Ring Pendant: The latest and a hit fashion trend are gold chains with rings. The pendant happens to be the finger ring in this gold chain. Trendy looking gold chains are for everyday wear or can be teamed up with any casual clothes.

They are lightweight and hence can be used daily.

They are lightweight and is connected at the end with a pendant. Gold Chains with Stones: Gold chains made with precious and semi-precious stones like ruby, sapphire, emerald etc. They can be worn as a standalone jewellery piece. They can be used for any ethnic wear.

The shine of the stones also enhances the overall look of the jewellery. The chain can be a reminder of all good thoughts of the person in our life and can be our daily source of inspiration too. This latest female gold chain pattern is truly personalized. Gold Chain with Leather: Chains in original leather are very popular among men and very fashionable.

Leather with gold can make a style statement of its own. Both men and women can flaunt this look. There are many ways to using these leather chains like a belt accessory or as a hook too. They are for that casual look and one can style according to outfits for a different image every time. Fashion conscious people can experiment with these genuine leather gold chains. Gold Chains for Kids: Talking of gold and can babies, toddlers and kids be left behind!! Certainly not. Sheffield Overall length: M, estimated ruby weight: I, estimated principal diamond weight: L, estimated total diamond weight: O, estimated diamond weight: M, estimated total diamond weight: M, estimated principal diamond weight: L, estimated total principal diamond weight: I, dated I, stating that the diamonds are 1.

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O, estimated yellow diamond weight: K, estimated total diamond weights: L, estimated total ruby weights: M, estimated total gem weights: N, estimated sapphire weight: M, estimated sapphire weight 2. M, length of earrings: T, estimated gem weights: N, estimated total gem weights: M, estimated sapphire weight: M, estimated gem weights: Q, estimated Tanzanite weight: M ,estimated Tanzanite weight:Women are very much independent and hence they have their freedom of choice.

Some of them come in silver and while others come in gold too. The firm was well regarded for quality and design and subsequently they received two Grand Gold medals - one in in Geneva, another in at the Paris World Fair. The different types of patterns and designs serve their role efficiently.

The chain can be a reminder of all good thoughts of the person in our life and can be our daily source of inspiration too. They are more on the expensive side. M, estimated principal diamond weight: The edges of the cross can optionally have diamond studded on it.

Gold Chain with a Ring Pendant: The latest and a hit fashion trend are gold chains with rings.

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