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Please try again later. Top Contributor: Star Trek. site Edition Verified download. That's not to say the novel isn't good but it has some flaws which made me think this series might be running out of steam. I hope I'm going to be proven wrong but the only way I can do that is to pick up the next volume. The premise of the novels is humanity has explored the solar system and colonized both Mars as well as the Asteroid Belt.

Unfortunately, this hasn't come with prosperity for all mankind. Poverty and conflict remain with humanity as the need for resources has become greater than ever.

The conflict between the three factions has been made worse by the existence of the protomolecule, a billion-year-old alien artifact that has opened up new areas of technology as well as science. One of these is a massive celestial gate on the other end of the solar system.

A group of priests, priestesses, reverends, and other religious leaders have been assembled on a publicity mission to investigate it. This frame-up job ends up forcing Holden and the crew through the gate to become the first people to see what lies across the universe. The mystery of Abaddon's Gate is an interesting one as we get to see hints of what species created the protomolecule and why.

The continued lack of actual aliens in the series is something which is both to its benefit and deterrent. It's really a series about humanity's reactions to alien life versus alien life itself. I don't know if we'll ever solve the mystery of what happened to them but it seems very likely we will and I'm not sure that's a great direction for the series to go.

I'm much more interested in the events in King's Landing versus the White Walkers. An interesting element is the novel it is a surprisingly religious novel. The character of Anna is a devoted Eastern Orthodox priest or so I believe--things can change a lot in Russia in years who wants to save the soul of Clarissa Mao as well as end the fighting without further bloodshed.

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She spends a lot of time contemplating God, the universe, destiny, and alien life which is not the sort of thing you usually find in hard science fiction novels. The crew of the Rocinante are decent in this book but nothing really interesting happens with them.

Yes, Holden is framed but no one believes it for very long nor is there much tension from the crew. We also lack interactions with Bobbie Draper, which is a shame as I really liked her character.

I will say that Holden is starting to grate on me as a character since his naked idealism only works with very cynical characters to contrast him to. I also have to give the author's props for the fact they created the Behemoth--a converted Mormon generation ship which the OPA has turned into a completely useless military vessel.

It can't fire any of its weapons due to the fact it's not structurally built for combat but it looks like it is. I will say, though, the book's handling on drug dealing offended me. One of the supposedly heroic characters spaces a man for dealing them and lost all sympathy as a result from me.

Indeed, my biggest issue with the book is the character of Bacca. One of the major plots of the book is how he has to seize power from his insane military commander who is grossly underqualified for his position. When, in fact, I think Bacca is a dangerously unstable murderer who mounts a mutiny for flimsy pretexts. When you actively hate one of the main characters and think he should fail, something has gone wrong.

In conclusion, Abaddon's Gate was I hope the next book is better, though. Fantastic addition to the series. Don't let the other negative reviews put you off.

Sure there are a few key characters missing in this book but it is for the better of the story mainly Chrisjen. As a whole this book is on a much smaller scale taking place mainly in only one location but it leads to something much more amazing.

Bull, the stubborn old dependable earther who has to shoulder the responsibility without the official authority due to belter prejudiced.

Anna, the pastor with the heart of gold and compassion of an angel without the zeal of James Holden. Clarissa, daughter of Jules Mao hell bent on revenge willing to do what ever it took to take down Holden and his crew.

Instead of having a flat out evil entity like protogen and Jules in the first two books the antagonists in this book are more in the grey area. The main antagonist can be two dimensional at times but given the extreme circumstance it isn't implausible. Aside from the new protagonists my favorite part of the book is of course the return of or whats left of him the hardboiled cop, Detective Miller. As a stand alone book I would give it three stars but if you are like me following the story and enjoyed the first two books this is a must read and the end of this book sets up the stage for something amazing.

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While I'm not giving up on the series, this book was astonishingly boring. I'm really hoping it's just a blip since I loved the first two books but, yeah, this book had very little going for it.

The characters we've grown to love over two books suddenly became strange caricatures of themselves, making decisions that made no sense given their personalities or motivations.

I don't mean decisions that turned out to be the wrong ones, I mean just weird things. In the lead up to this novel, I was never given the impression that Holden thought of himself as some sort of chosen one who was fated to be the only human being who could possibly make contact with the protomolecule, but all of a sudden in the span of a paragraph or two, he's making a huge decision based on nothing but the assumption that he's the chosen one.

There are a lot of other examples, and honestly I wonder if one of the authors suddenly had a crisis of faith or something during the writing of this book because there's an extraordinary amount of time devoted to whether or not God wants them to interact with the protomolecule aliens and whether or not humans are sinners and if they've sinned coming through the ring and if they should die for their hubris and what it means about the nature of God and honestly, it was so boring I ended up just scanning most of the chapters to find the actual teensy little plot points hidden among all the bloated musings about the nature of the human soul.

There are rings leading to hundreds, possibly thousands of unknown solar systems, there's mind-blowing alien technology, but you won't get to find out about any of it, because instead of all the cool stuff, this book is about people faced with really cool stuff and then getting in fights about Jesus. See all reviews. site Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

Learn more about site Giveaway. This item: Abaddon's Gate The Expanse Book 3. Set up a giveaway. Customers who bought this item also bought. The continued connection between the crew and the protomolocule is fairly obvious and explained to a certain extent, but how the crew physically find themselves at the crux of things this time around is both contrived and transparent The two biggest let downs the preacher's absolutely improbable EVA suit escapade and Ashford's decision to let a prisoner out of jail.

Absolutely ridiculous and their respective outcomes completely transparent.

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The story plods along throughout and is strung together by a series of events that just would not happen given the way the characters have been established and the demands of the situation. The overall setup for sending the solar system's luckiest crew in terms of survivability into the fray yet again and how the machination of the primary antagonist play out is implausible - even for those that accept the basic premise of the story, the boundaries established thus far, etc.

The characters have always been cliched, but likable enough to be ignored. However by book three that is stretching very thin. How many times can the crew forgive and forget, go all in and have it still remain believable.

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At this point I will even settle for entertaining Will reserve final judgement for book four.Yes No Thanks for your feedback! Report as inappropriate. The 5th Wave.

Customers who bought this item also bought. Page Flip: Orbit Pages: Weak characters coupled with a slow pace and thin plot tied together by a string of unlikely contrivances.

Clarissa calls and says she could open the bridge doors for Holden, but wants Anna to convince her; Anna says to have faith in the people who chose to forgive her in spite of the pain she's caused them, and to stop siding with Ashford, who kills innocents out of convenience.

Until now. One of my favourite books of last year.

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