Visit the following links to read online and free download Monthly Rida digest for the month of November in Pdf format for offline reading. Rida Digest November Pdf Free Download Rida Digest November edition online. Monthly Rida digest is an other best women digest of Pakistan. Rida Digest August Pdf Free Download Rida Digest August latest edition online. Monthly Urdu Rida Digest August contains new latest social .

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Rida Digest November is now available to download, online reading. Rida Digest is one of the most famous monthly Urdu digest of. Rida Digest April Pdf Free Download Rida Digest April edition online. Monthly Rida digest is another best women monthly Urdu magazine. Rida Digest September Edition online Pdf version. Monthly Rida digest is another famous Urdu digest of Pakistan. Rida digest September.


Kamyab Log 24 Rastegaran. Kamyab Log 23 Rastegaran.

Kamyab Log 22 Rastegaran. Backstage of Mokhtarnameh 4 in Urdu.

Monthly Rida Digest August 2014

Backstage of Mokhtarnameh 3 in Urdu. Backstage of Mokhtarnameh 2 in Urdu. Backstage of Mokhtarnameh 1 in Urdu. You can also read jokes, poetry, health , beauty and cooking tips, golden words selected by editor for you.

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The short-lived parliament hastily introduced the Caretaker Government by passing the 13th amendment to the Constitution. The parliament was dissolved to pave the way for parliamentary elections within 90 days.

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Winning seats, [20] the BNP emerged as the largest opposition party in the country's parliamentary history. Third term[ edit ] Zia with husband Ziaur Rahman in The BNP formed a four-party alliance [21] on 6 January to increase its chances to return to power in the next general elections.

These included its former political foe the Jatiya Party , founded by President Ershad after he led a military government, and the Islamic parties of Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh and the Islami Oikya Jot.

It encouraged protests against the ruling Awami League. Many residents strongly criticized Zia and BNP for allying with Jamaat-e-Islami, [22] which had opposed the independence of Bangladesh in Zia was sworn in as the Prime Minister of Bangladesh.

Aanchal Digest March 2018 [PDF Download]

She worked on a day programme to fulfill most of her election pledges to the nation. During this term, the share of domestic resources in economic development efforts grew. Bangladesh began to attract a higher level of international investment for development of the country's infrastructure, energy resources and businesses, including from the United States, Great Britain, and Japan.

Restoration of law and order was an achievement during the period. Zia promoted neighbourly relations in her foreign policy.

She negotiated settlement of international disputes, and renounced the use of force in international relations. Bangladesh began to participate in United Nations international peacekeeping efforts. In , Forbes magazine featured her administration in a major story praising her achievements. When Zia became prime minister for the third time, the GDP growth rate of Bangladesh remained above 6 percent.

The Bangladesh per capita national income rose to dollars. Foreign exchange reserve of Bangladesh had crossed 3 billion dollars from the previous 1 billion dollars.

The foreign direct investments of Bangladesh had risen to 2. The industrial sector of the GDP had exceeded 17 percent at the end of Zia's office.

In accordance with the constitution, a caretaker government would manage in the day interim before general elections. On the eve of the last day, rioting broke out on the streets of central Dhaka due to uncertainty over who would become Chief Advisor head of the Caretaker Government of Bangladesh.

Under the constitution, the immediate past Chief Justice was to be appointed. Mukhlesur Rahman Chowdhury , the Presidential Advisor, met with Zia and Sheikh Hasina, and other political parties to try to resolve issues and schedule elections.

Negotiations continued against a backdrop of political bickering, protests and polarisation that threatened the economy. The Awami League pulled out at the last minute, and in January the military intervened to back the caretaker government for a longer interim period.

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It held power until holding general elections in December Elections scheduled for 22 January were postponed. The new caretaker government was led by former Bangladesh Bank governor Dr.

Fakhruddin Ahmed. In fighting against corruption, it filed charges against the leaders of both the major parties. Both parties had been widely accused of corruption when leading the government. In March , Zia's eldest son, Tareque Rahman , was arrested for corruption.

Enforcing the suppression of political activity under the state of emergency, from 9 April, the government barred politicians from visiting Zia's residence. It noted her brother, Major Retd.Fairytale Fiction: Nimra Ahmed mostly lives in fairytale. We'll resolve it. It is the best collection of Urdu novels list for everyone. Find out more.

Khawateen digest is published from Karachi in every month, since from many years.

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