The Ranger's Apprentice, Book The Emperor of Nihon-Ja Emperor: The Gates of Rome (Emperor Book 1) Jedi Apprentice The Shattered Peace. picscobenreatttas.tk Book One: The Ruins of Gorlan Children‟s Book Council of Ranger‟s Apprentice The Emperor of Nihon-Ja ePub ISBN. Months have passed since he was sent on a military mission to the court of the Emperor of Nihon-Ja but he has failed to return. Evanlyn is.

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The canvas walls of the pavilion shook in a gust of wind and the first rain rattled against them. Do you have allies there — clans you could raise so that you could face Arisaka? But Horace wanted more information. Their villages are scattered everywhere.

Could we recruit them as soldiers? Would they fight for you, your excellency?

They are intensely loyal. The Kikori would fight. What do you mean? Shigeru-san is trying to turn that around but it will take a long time to do it. Just as the Senshi are conditioned to believe they are superior to the other classes, the Kikori believe the Senshi are their superiors.

Ranger's Apprentice, Book 10: The Emperor of Nihon-Ja

They might go into battle against them. Would you lead an army into battle if the men expected to be beaten? Even worse, if the men thought they had no right to win? For a moment, he thought he had seen a possible course of action, but George was right. An army that believed it was destined to lose would be marching to its death. It would take weeks, months even, to reach them. And I have no idea how they would respond.

They are strange people. Shigeru gave him a look of rebuke. We have to head north back into the mountains. The problem is, how to find it. Many hundreds of years ago, there was a civil war over the rightful succession to the throne. It was said to be an impregnable fortress, with massive walls and a deep moat. Shigeru nodded thoughtfully.

They know every inch of the northern mountains. Shigeru inclined his head towards his cousin. If they knew this secret, I doubt they would have told the Senshi about it. Now, he realised, he had no right to do any such thing.


He sat back, confused. Shigeru saw the conflict on his face and offered Horace a sad little smile. This is not your battle. You should return to your own land. Shukin made a good point, he thought. They would be arrogant and argumentative, and Horace might well be provoked by them if he encountered them. They would know the young Araluan was a friend of the Emperor and they would know he was a warrior. Better if he avoided contact altogether.

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Perhaps you should accompany us that far, then leave us. He knew they were right but he hated to desert a friend in danger. Shukin came to a decision. Every minute we delay lets Arisaka get closer to us. They fought in my name, after all. Reito-san can ride back and lead them to join us.

We can arrange a rendezvous.

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But right now, you must get on the road again. But in his place, I would have sent out fast scouting parties to search for you. They could be upon us any time. After all, the survivors from the Ito garrison are travelling on foot and bringing their wounded with them.

The men from the escort began to dismantle the two pavilions and pack them away. Reito and Shukin put their heads together over a map and agreed on a rendezvous point where Reito should lead the survivors.

Reito met his gaze, understood, and nodded. Then, bowing hastily to Shigeru, he mounted his horse and rode off down the trail to the south. After a few kilometres, they came across another trail that branched off to the west, and led down into the valleys. Shukin, riding in the lead, reined in his horse and waited while Horace caught up with him. He indicated the new trail. At least the rain has stopped. George moved up to ride beside Horace.

He shifted in his saddle, standing in the stirrups to ease his aching backside. George was not an accomplished rider and Shukin had been pushing the pace for the last few hours. The attorney had been bounced and jounced continually in the saddle and he was sure his behind would be black and blue. His thigh muscles were aching and cramped.

Horace heard a savage hiss as something flew past his face, missing him by inches. Then he saw George swaying, a long arrow buried in the upper part of his arm. As he watched, George slid sideways from his saddle and thudded onto the rough, churned-up earth of the track.

Their attackers came out of the trees on either side. The initial volley of arrows had taken down three of the escort, as well as George. Now nine swordsmen charged in at the small party. Horace drew his sword and shrugged his shield round into position, his left arm slipping through the straps and finding the hand grip with the speed of long practice.

It was a well-staged ambush, he thought. The enemy had let the advance party go past, poured in a volley, then charged out of the trees while the small column milled about in confusion. Three of the attackers converged on the Emperor, who was riding in the middle of the column, a few metres ahead of George and Horace. Instantly, the other two were on the Emperor like jackals on a deer. They grabbed his arms and pulled him from the saddle, the sword falling from his hand as he hit the ground.

His retainers were caught by surprise, engaged with the other six attackers. Horace made his decision in a split second. His normal instinct would be to attack on horseback. He threw a leg over the pommel and dropped to the ground, dashing forward to protect Shigeru.

One of the Senshi had raised his sword in a two-handed grip, aiming a downstroke at the helpless Emperor. He thought he had just enough time to kill Shigeru and turn to face the onrushing warrior. Then he felt nothing.

Horace sensed rather than saw the second man swinging a diagonal overhead cut at him from the left. He pivoted in that direction and his shield seemed to move of its own volition, intercepting the razor-sharp blade with a ringing clang.

He felt the super-hard steel of the katana bite into his shield, sticking for a fraction of a second. As it did, he stepped forward, cramping the man for space, and kicked flat-footed into the side of his knee. In a fight against multiple enemies, it was fatal to face in one direction for too long. Before Horace could retaliate, the man threw up his arms with a choking cry. He fell to his knees, shock and surprise on his face.

Behind him, Shukin was poised with his sword ready for another stroke. But it was unnecessary. The assassin pitched forward, face down in the wet earth. Horace looked around quickly. The rear guard had closed up and were taking care of two other Senshi attackers. He heard the crashing sound of someone running through the undergrowth on the downhill side of the track. At least one of their attackers had got away. Shukin sheathed his sword.

Then he helped Shigeru to his feet. Shigeru brushed his concern aside. Horace shook his head. Horace was always uncomfortable when people thanked him for doing what he considered to be no more than his job.

He sheathed his sword. The senior man from the rear guard had approached and was talking to Shukin in rapid Nihon-Jan. Shigeru nodded. Shukin moved back to join them. Two parties of three moved to cut off the advance and rear guards, while the remaining three attacked you, cousin. That was their main mistake. We lost two men and one was wounded in the volley of arrows they fired. He swung round and ran back along the track to where George had fallen from his saddle.

In all the action, he had forgotten about the scribe. His heart surged with relief as he saw the thin figure sitting upright beside the muddy track, painfully nursing his right arm, still impaled by a long, white-feathered arrow. His sleeve was soaked with blood and his face was pale — paler than normal — but he was alive. Horace dropped to one knee beside him.

I am not! How could anybody be all right in those circumstances? George grimaced. I would have just let them shoot you! Why do you live this way? This sort of thing is very, very painful. I always suspected that warriors are crazy. Now I know. Horace looked round to find Shukin studying the wounded scribe. They applied a salve to the entry and exit wounds and bound his arm with clean linen.

Shukin observed the result with a satisfied look. He will have a sore arm for some weeks, though. He looked around the concerned faces looking down on him, then frowned. He regarded them indignantly. But it hurts. Horace had a lot to think about and he wanted to prepare his words carefully. He knew George would argue with what he had in mind and he knew that George was trained in logic and the ability to express thoughts clearly and precisely.

Eventually, the time came when the Emperor and Shukin reined in their horses and indicated a steep, narrow track leading downhill to the south-west. Take care when you reach the port, however. But Horace shook his head. You need all the fighting men you have with you. Very well, one of the servants can guide you. The Emperor, he noticed, looked quizzically at him while this was happening, perhaps sensing what Horace had in mind.

What on earth can she possibly want? He could never think of the princess by her real name.

He had met her as Evanlyn and shared so many dangers and adventures with her under that name that she would always be Evanlyn in his mind. She knew that Will and the princess had been very close in the past — and remained so — and this made her suspect the worst of Evanlyn.

She thought of her by that name as well because it made it easier to dislike her. If she thought of Evanlyn by her real name, Cassandra, she had to acknowledge that she was the Princess Royal of Araluen and afford her the respect due to that rank. After that first knee-jerk reaction, Alyss recognised that she was being unreasonable. There must be some other, more important, reason behind her sudden arrival. Perhaps Araluan policy had changed towards the treaty between Arrida and Toscana?

It would be extremely awkward if that were the case — after all, the treaty had been signed and ratified and she had witnessed it on behalf of the Araluan crown.

A few seconds later, he reappeared, standing aside as their visitor entered. Halt frowned. The princess only used that name when she travelled unofficially or incognito. He rose now and stepped forward, his hands out to her. She smiled when she saw him and took his hands in hers.

Evanlyn glanced around the room. Her smile faded slightly as Alyss rose to greet her. Evanlyn waved the title aside impatiently. Evanlyn is good enough.

He and Evanlyn had gone through too much together for him not to greet her that way. At the same time, he was wise enough to make the hug a brief one. I am delighted to see you again. Then, realising that the others were standing by, waiting to hear why she had arrived so unexpectedly, she gestured to the chairs and couches around the central table.

Sit down, everyone. I need to talk to you.

But Evanlyn considered his suggestion for a second or two, then shook her head. This is nothing secret. My apologies!

Ranger's Apprentice

She quickly poured Evanlyn a cup and handed it across the table. The princess smiled gratefully, their mutual antipathy forgotten for the moment. Alyss nodded acknowledgement and resumed her seat. Evanlyn took a deep draught of the coffee, then looked appreciatively at the cup. She set the cup down, paused for a second or two to gather her thoughts and plunged in. Will was the first to voice the thoughts of all of them. How did he go missing? George from the Ward? Our George, you mean?

He was there to advise Horace on protocol and to act as an interpreter. The Nihon-Jan have kept themselves a little…isolated…over the centuries. Our Ranger weapon makers learned some of their techniques many years ago. It was a well-known fact that saxe knives could put a notch into the blades of normal swords. Halt nodded thoughtfully, filing the information away for future reference. Then he turned back to Evanlyn.

Please go on. After all, it had been Halt and Selethen who had prattled on about super-hard sword blades, not him. But his indignation went unnoticed as she continued. The Silasian Council was a cartel of traders based in the eastern part of the Constant Sea. They facilitated trade by instituting a central credit system so that funds could be transferred between countries, without the risk of actually sending money overland or by sea.

In addition, they had realised some years prior that fast communications could be as beneficial to trade as efficient money transfers. They had set up a network of carrier pigeon services and express riders to take messages almost from one end of the known world to the other.

Distances that might take weeks for a ship or a rider to cover could be traversed in a matter of days. Of course, the service was extremely expensive, but in emergencies, many users felt it was worth the cost. Apparently, there was a rebellion against the Emperor of Nihon-Ja, and Horace got caught up in it. When last seen, he was heading north into the mountains, to hide out in some legendary fortress. Horace has gone with him. It would be just like Horace, he thought, to get involved in such an idealistic venture.

Evanlyn turned a steady gaze on him.

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Most vocal of all was George. We have no right to interfere in internal Nihon-Jan politics! He realised that his words could be deemed as undiplomatic. I understand your point of view. You and I were simply here as diplomats. What could have led you to do such an incredibly stupid thing, Horace? Surely you knew better than that! Just tell me why? George, once again, looked suitably chastened. Horace, seeing George momentarily stumped for words, followed up his advantage.

But, gosh, I just dashed in and stopped them the best I could. Online retailers Or. Online retailers. Awards and Recognition. Also by John Flanagan. Brotherband 8. Love Ranger's Apprentice The Emperor Of Nihon-Ja? Subscribe to Read More to find out about similar books.

Sign up to our newsletter using your email. En route to Ran-Koshi, Horace's party befriends the local woodworkers known as the Kikori.

For Halt's party, they encounter a pirate ship but make short work of it. After paying a Kikori village for their hospitality, people from that village catch up and tell the Emperor that a Senshi scouting party destroyed their village.

From then on, Kikori of various villages came to join Horace's group on the trek to Ran-Koshi. Halt's group hits Nihon-Ja and they arrive at an inn, making a rendezvous with an ally of the Emperor. Horace, on the other hand, allows Shukin and a few Senshi delay Arisaka's enormous Senshi party of around five-hundred while they download more time by crossing a bridge and destroying it.

In this encounter, Horace drops his sword into a ravine. Halt's group learns of Horace's whereabouts and Horace's group hits Ran-Koshi. Horace's group settles in while Halt's group sails around and enters the plot of land nearest to Ran-Koshi. Halt's group is apprehended by a Kikori scouting patrol, but when presented to Horace, he recognises them and gives them a warm welcome. They set up a large wooden wall to stop Arisaka's army, and in the first day, they manage a victory with about two losses.

Horace gets a new sword, which was Shuikin's dying present. The girls, Cassandra and Alyss set out across an enormous lake in a canoe to recruit a gigantic tribe of warriors allied with the Emperor: the Hassanu.

Will, noting how the Kikori work together excellently, copies the Toscan general at the beginning of the book and forms the same fighting position as he does. They launch an attack against the second Senshi scouting party, and in this encounter, Will manages to intercept a flying arrow and Horace kills the enemy in single combat.

Alyss and Cassandra manage to make it to the other side of the giant lake and establish contact with the Hassanu, but they find out that they are not willing to cross a forest en route to Ran-Koshi due to a "malevolent spirit. Arisaka's main party arrives near Ran-Koshi, but due to heavy snows, wait for spring to begin their assault. Alyss and the Princess discover that the "spirit" was actually a giant snow tiger, and after a fierce battle, kill it.

Spring arrives, and Halt's group attacks Arisaka using their two shield walls. The battle seems evened out until Arisaka's reinforcements arrive.

Then, as Will and co. Before a bloody battle can start, the Emperor calls a truce in which they manage to convince everyone, including Arisaka's army, that the Emperor is truly a good man and Arisaka was a power-hungry fool. Arisaka is enraged by this and kills the man nearest to him. Will directly confronts him and kills him with a well-placed throwing knife. On the way back to Araluen, they discuss their nicknames given to them by the Nihon-Jan, with Horace's being Kurokuma black bear, because he is an eating prowess , Selethen's being Taka hawk or nose or fighting capability , Alyss's being Tsuru crane or obvious , Cassandra's being Kitsune fox, because she's speedy , Halt's being Halto, and Will's being Chocho Butterfly, because his mind is as nimble as one.

On the return trip to Araluen, Horace and Cassandra announce that they are engaged. The book ends with Will making a very, very poor attempt at proposing to Alyss and Alyss marching off in mock indignation.

They are also explained in the book. It contains a foreword set in July in Redman County formerly Redmont Fief situated in The Republic of Aralan States formerly the medieval Kingdom of Araluen where Professor Giles MacFarlane has set up a digging expedition to uncover any important pieces of history.

They had unearthed a granite plaque, carved with the likeness of a tusked boar, signifying that the area was once Castle Redmont.

In the third season of digging, they had not found anything as important as that first one. The professor was losing hope until one of the young volunteers named Audrey rushed up to him and informed him of a cabin they had found outside the village limits.

They discovered a secret compartment in the floor containing an ancient wood and brass chest. After being turned away from Battleschool by Sir Rodney for his small stature, he is taken on as an apprentice by the Ranger Halt. Will is intelligent, inquisitive and athletic, with a natural aptitude for climbing and stealth. He has curly brown hair that hangs unkempt around his face and deep brown eyes, sometimes mistaken for black.

Alyss A longtime friend of Will and Horace, she is tall and slender with fair skin, light eyes, and long blonde hair. She has a diplomatic nature and carries herself with poise and grace.

She displays sharp wit and cunning and, despite her feminine and gentle nature, holds herself well among her sometimes rough and impulsively passionate friends. Horace As a child, Horace had a tendency to pick on Will. He is accepted as an apprentice in Battleschool and shows an uncanny aptitude with the sword. As they age, the spats of their youth fade away and Horace and Will become great friends. He is a straightforward young man both in thought and attitude, favoring honor and displaying the strong ethics brought on by Battleschool training.

He has an unparalleled appetite, pointed out on numerous occasions by his friends and much appreciated by Jenny. She is short in comparison to the Alyss and has honey-colored hair and large green eyes. She quickly befriends Will and Horace, though develops a rivalry with Alyss. She is a natural leader, with an authoritative and often stubborn nature. She is dignified and quick-thinking and never one to shy away from an adventure. She is fiercely loyal to her friends and places great stock in trust and the value of her companions.

Halt The object of many legends in the Kingdom, Halt prefers to keep to himself. These legends have preceded him and have been exaggerated, as is often so, such that many who meet him are surprised by his short and deceptively unassuming nature.

While he is often viewed as standoffish and even dangerous, he enjoys the company of his cheerful and eager apprentice. Halt lives in a cottage at the edge of the fief, cutting his own dark hair with his knife and never seen out of his mottled green Ranger's cloak.

His dark beard is flecked with grey. He is sharp and perceptive, maintaining an air of constant vigilance and seriousness. Gilan Gilan is Halt's previous apprentice and now a qualified Ranger. Gilan is the son of a well known knight in the kingdom. He was groomed for battle school and trained as a swordsman, though instead chose to become a Ranger. Accordingly, unlike most Rangers, he is an expert swordsman in addition to the bow.

He has exceptional skills in stealth. He is very charismatic and known to tease his companions with good-natured humor. Crowley Crowley is the commandant of the Ranger Corps and bears many of the same characteristics as Halt.

However he does display openly a sense of humor and fondness for his rangers. He is a master strategist. Jenny One of the children who lived at the Ward in Redmont Fief, she is a full-figured, pretty-faced blonde with a bubbly personality and a love for cooking. She becomes an apprentice to the chef Master Chubb and later starts her own restaurant. Tug Tug is Will's horse.

He is shaggy grey and only slightly larger than a pony, though had been bred for incredible strength, stamina, and intelligence. He is trained to respond to an endless list of commands from his master and the bond between rider and horse is clear in the way that Tug never leaves Will's side. Publishing history and origins[ edit ] John Flanagan stated that he first wrote the series as short stories for his son to get him interested in reading.

This continued for about 20 weeks. However, he never knew that the one book would be able to turn into so many volumes. In Flanagan was unsure how many volumes in the series he would release, saying "I haven't set a limit.

If I have an idea that will progress the characters, I'll write it.Three of the attackers converged on the Emperor, who was riding in the middle of the column, a few metres ahead of George and Horace.

Brotherband 8. The enemy commander shouted an order and the archers released a ragged volley. There had been an official banquet to celebrate the fact, with speeches and compliments on all sides. Better if he avoided contact altogether. That rigid formation makes for a very compact target. Shukin came to a decision. Evanlyn took a deep draught of the coffee, then looked appreciatively at the cup.

Will manages to kill Ruhl and treat Maddie's wounds, albeit with severe cramps from when he was tied to the stake. The Fate of Ten.

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