Methodology to Calculate the Effective Reclaiming Capacity of Rail-Mounted Boom-Type Bucket Wheel Reclaimer and Stacker/Reclaimer. PDF | Abstract - In bucket wheel stacker reclaimer, the reclaiming process is used to reclaim the material with the help of bucket. So the amount. Metso stacker reclaimers offer the most technologically-advanced list of standard features Cell-less or cell-type bucket wheel construction is available depen-.

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Boom-type Reclaimers with Bucket Wheel bucket wheel reclaimer. SRR driving power of bucket wheel combined stacker-reclaimer. SR/S. Earlier days the bucket wheel reclaimer on cantilever beam and requires huge All the drives of the Stacker cum transmit motion between two parallel shafts. tive operations, but a stacker-reclaimer is capable of handling both. This system is larger models have. wheels. Boom. Bucket wheel and chute. Wheels.

Boom Conveyor The reversible boom conveyor drive is mounted on a drive frame and is supported on the revolving frame by a torque arm with plain spherical rod ends. The bearing housing supporting the discharge pulley assembly on either side are supported on sliding blocks at boom head.

The movement of the bearing blocks for the purpose of adjustment of the belt tension and the belt changing is achieved through screwed spindles. Belt sway, pull cord and belt slip monitor switches are included for protection of the conveyor.


The various safety features of boom conveyor are : Zero Speed Switch — It is provided at the non drive pulley to monitor the pulley and thereby the belt speed and trip the conveyor motor in the event of the belt speed dropping below a preset value.

Belt Sway Switch — It is mounted on boom on either side of the conveyor, to trip the conveyor in the event of the belt running out of the line and pressing against the rollers levers of the switches.

Intermediate Conveyor The intermediate conveyor shall travel on the same rail as those of machine. After receiving material from tripper conveyor through vibro feeder it transfer the material to central chute during stacking operations.

Click here to get details of conveyor system 5. Boom Luffing Arrangement The raising and lowering of the hinged bascule system and controlling it in operation, is achieved by a hydraulic system with two hydraulic cylinders.

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The cabin is also maintained level automatically by a hydraulic cylinder fed simultaneously from the system. The power pack also includes an independent system for actuation of the chutes etc. Slewing Arrangement The revolving superstructure of the stacker reclaimer is supported on a large diameter slewing bearing. An external ring gear, bolted to the revolving frame, is driven by two meshing pinions powered by two independent drive units each comprising sq.

The slew angle are monitored by limit switches. Additional contacts in the limit switch ensure that the boom can only be slewed over the yard conveyor after it has been raised clear of it.

The safety features for the slewing arrangement are: Slip Clutch — It restricts the maximum torque on slew gear and thereby prevents overloading of all components and structure.

Rotary Cam Limits Switch — It is provided to prevent slewing over yard conveyor conveyor unless boom is sufficiently raised and also prevent excessive lowering of boom over yard conveyor. Long Travel Mechanism The function of long travel mechanism is to move the stacker from one position to another position in rail track. The various safety features of stacker reclaimer LT mechanism are : Travel Limit Switch — It is operated by strikers placed along the track for stopping travel at either end of pile and permits reversal.

Automatic Rail Clamp — It is provided to drifting of the machine in storm condition. Checking all hydraulic hoses for any leakages. Checking all power pack and its hydraulic components for any leakages. Checking for cleanliness of all components of stacker reclaimer including the hydraulic power pack.

Checking hydraulic oil tank for sealing and leakages. Checking oil cooler. Linear motion bucket wheel reclaimer bulk density of the material being reclaimed. Reclaimers is used for reclaiming of coal iron ore and grain are normally travel on a rail between stockpiles in the necessary in industries like power plants and mining stockyard. A bucket wheel reclaimer can typically move Manual handling of dozers for reclaiming operation in three directions: horizontally along the rail; vertically requires lot of time and man power and also involves by "luffing" its boom and rotationally by slewing its risk of accidents In earlier days both manual and dozer boom.

Reclaimers are generally electrically powered by operations were suitable for reclaiming of above means of a trailing cable Linear motion bucket wheel materials due to lesser quantities and cheaper man power reclaimer is a simply supported machine which reclaims availability in market. Linear motion bucket wheel the material from the stockyard.

The stacking and reclaiming capacity of 3 rpm. Spur gear is used to rotate the bucket wheel. All the drives of the Stacker cum transmit motion between two parallel shafts. Since the Reclaimers are provided with programmable logic tooth surfaces of the gears are parallel to the axes of the controller to achieve synchronized motions.

Stacker cum mounted shafts, there is no thrust force generated in the Reclaimers are also provided with weighing system and axial direction.

A pinion is used to rotate the gear. Here totalizer, hydraulic rail clamps, warning against storm we used conveyors for conveying material from the weather and air conditioned electric room.

Dust stockyard to the required place. Belt conveyors are used suppression system, radio control and Fire fighting in the prototype of linear motion bucket wheel reclaimer systems are also provided as optional. The operator's cabins is so located that the operator gets a clear and unobstructed view of the operation.


The cabin is air- conditioned and ergonomically designed for maximum comfort of the operator. The front screen is mounted in the operator's console and displays details of all operations enabling the operator to program according to the loading.

The choice of design depends on factors such as the size and shape of the stockpile, the type of material to be reclaimed, the required reclaiming rate and the need for blending or homogenization. Motion bucket wheel reclaimer transfer points.

Each bulk material has different behaviour with regard to cutting forces, free flowing capabilities and adhesiveness. Reclaimers offers tailor- made designs for the complete range of bulk materials, to combine excellent cutting geometries with high abrasion resistance and prevention of bucket incrustations. Dust caused by the reclaiming and material transfer processes is environmentally problematic.

It offers, wherever required, dust suppression systems such as water spray lines close to the bucket wheel and along the complete boom.

Solenoid valves to shut off the sprays when no material is being conveyed control these sprays.

Sandvik PD200

TRF Stacker cum reclaimers are in homogenize the material, unless a strict and operation at all major steel plants, ports and power rather complicated material layering scheme is implemented. Design of Bucket outer ring Figure 6.

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Bucket wheel outer ring Figure 3. Bucket wheel D. Gear: B. Design of Gear Figure 4. Bucket C. Bucket wheel outer ring: We designed the bucket wheel outer ring for fixing the buckets and the gear International Journal of Scientific Research in Science, Engineering and Technology ijsrset.

Design of Bucket Inner Ring Figure 8. Gear E. Slider Bearing: Slider bearing is used to rotate the gear and we drilled two travelling slots for the sliding motion of bucket wheel over the boom Material used: mild steel Figure Bucket Inner Ring G.

Boom Bottom Plate: Boom is used to move the bucket wheel with the sliding motion. Boom can move upwadrs and downwards by having the luffing columns on the both sides of the boom. Figure 8. Slider bearing Design Figure Design of Boom Bottom Plate Figure 9.

Slider bearing F.

Bucket wheel inner ring: We designed the bucket wheel inner ring for separating the gear and buckets Material used: mild steel International Journal of Scientific Research in Science, Engineering and Technology ijsrset. Carrying Idlers J.Mechanism of Screw conveyor Belt conveyors: One of the basic tool in material handling industry, belt conveyors are most commonly used in transportation of bulk materials grain, salt, coal, ore, sand etc.

Tracks: sealing, greased and sealed for life and critical specifications essential for high performance. Gear E. Scraper reclaimers use a series of scrapers on a chain to reclaim the material. If facility operation is such that some or all of the material may bypass the storage yard, a splitter gate can be mounted at the tripper head chute A stacker is used to stack the material.

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