You heard right: the rules for WARMACHINE and HORDES are now free! the links and information below for free downloads of the core rules!. (A HORDES Rules appendix is included on p. ) A WARMACHINE army is built around a warcaster and his battlegroup of warjacks. Squads of soldiers and . When running a Masters event, use all rules in this document except the sanctioned WARMACHINE and HORDES Masters or Champions.

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WARMACHINE & HORDES Rulebooks. WARMACHINE: Prime Rules Digest · HORDES: Primal Rules Digest · New Core Rules, September So, this is bizarre to me: several models have rules specifically relating to structures, but there are no rules for structures in the core rules. The mark 3 is the current book but it is not updated with any of the latest rule changes. You can get a free copy of it in PDF from the privateer.

Regular Steamroller rules apply, with the following exceptions: Teams are made of two random players each. Coaching between teammates is allowed during gameplay.

Each player brings a single 35pt list with the caster of their choice. Each team selects a single objective. Each team is given 60 minutes on their clock.

You cannot feat at the same time as your partner. All models retain their original, respective factions, however an objective is considered to be friendly faction with both players in the team.

Teams will activate simultaneously. Points for killing objectives can be scored at any time. Scenarios are still won when one team has 5 or more points. Standard army size 75pts with chess clocks.


LCQ event starts am Friday. Team Event starts am.

Sunday World Ender starts at am. Then each team looks at the list that was placed down.

Teams then match someone of their other two players to that known list. Each team has one unknown player left.

They play on table 2. No team feats.

Regular Steamroller rules apply, with the following exceptions: Teams are made of two random players each.The winds and swirling sand had momentarily died down. If a Flameguard moves into melee with Asphyxious.

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Flames leapt in quick sequence to the four nearest trenchers. They boasted infernal magic and wielded weapons terrible beyond reckoning. They also have an abundance of options for assassin units, up to and including entire units of ninja elf infantry with magic crossbows.

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Depending on the movement option chosen.

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