Zakk Wylde - Book of Shadows Full Album. FELIPERP66; 1 video; 48 views; Last updated on Mar 31, Play all. Share. Loading Save. Book of Shadows is the first solo studio album by the heavy metal guitarist Zakk Wylde. The album was first released in by Geffen, and was reissued by. From the cd Book Of Shadows. Lyrics: If I could I surely would Child ease your pain, But if I could no longer Would you still know my name? If I couldn'.

Zakk Wylde Book Of Shadows Full Album

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View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Book Of Shadows on Discogs. Black Label Society - Book of Shadows - Music. There are no bad Zakk Wylde/Black Label Society albums, period, and in fact most are big picture of Rock/Metal as a whole I don't know if I would consider this CD at that level. Complete your download to save the MP3 version to your music library. This item:Book of Shadows II by Zakk Wylde Audio CD $ anticipated follow up to s Book of Shadows LP, a classic album Wylde released between his work.

Following is the Neil Young -touched "Tears of December" , a mopey if inherently charming roll down a private, quiet path Zakk 's seen firsthand and wants his listeners to fully revel in. It drifts into the soulful "Lay Me Down" , where Zakk 's twanging guitar revolutions and buoyant choruses elevate the mood as the song lyrically serves as a healing stone for anyone coming to it.

Though Wylde has kept his electric solos to a minimum on the opening two numbers, here he let's it not only rip, but speak. What that solo has to say is acutely emotive, as do the ones on "Harbors of Pity" , "Sorrowed Regret" and "Eyes of Burden".

Keeping his leisurely soul train moving on the splendid "Lost Prayer" with a terrific sprawling melody behind Wylde 's poised singing, the song offers a spiritual foundation as does the next number, "Darkest Hour".

Despite its sullen, low-tuned slog, "Darkest Hour" is about facing life's challenges with grace. Wylde figuratively opens his wrists on the resonant "Yesterday's Tears" , one of the heaviest heavy in the emotional connotation numbers of the album.

Wylde drops a fragrant Jimi Hendrix keeping in mind Wylde performed on the "Experience Hendrix Tour" in and named one of his children Hendrix totter into "Forgotten Memory" ". He blows country-kissed breezes overtop "The Levee" and "Harbors of Pity" , while meshing folk, country and soul into the reverential "Sleeping Dogs".


But Zakk Wylde gets a newfound respect from me that he has duly earned. He put out material that he wanted to put out without giving a shit whether his fans would enjoy it or not. That is artistic integrity and I declare it good.

Book Of Shadows II Album Lyrics by Zakk Wylde

I can totally agree with the last reviewer of this album Although this is Zakk Wylde doing some of his best work ever, I can hear no metal songs. If your in any certain mood down, depressed, or happy this album will please you very much. It's got to be the most emotional music Zakk has ever done or will do.

I loved his Pride and Glory album and though that is totally different from Book of Shadows, I'd have to say I'd take this album over Pride. No one has ever done anything like this, and yes this is the mainman from Black Label Society and the Guitarist from Ozzy for christsake.

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I couldn't believe what I was hearing coming from my speaker when i popped this in because I was expecting heavy metal stuff. All the songs are different and have variance, and could you'll find yourself drinking to this, singing to this, and um My friends I suggest not leaving from home without this, because I would be hella upset if ya did. If any of you would listen and though this is not metal, I highly recommend this album, and suggest taking a listen to one of my fave albums of all time.

Best Tracks: All of Them. Holy shit!

What is this album doing on the Metal Archives?!? This ain't metal in any aspect! The only reason I can see that this is here is because Zakk is the one behind the music, and there ain't no one more metal than Zakk Well, now that that's off my chest, this is one incredibly good album. I'm not sure what everyone out there would think of this if they heard it, but damn, Zakk is one emotional dude.

Unfortunately, a lot of them lack the feeling or emotion that a lot of other guitar players succeed at, which I think really would have benefited each song individually. Speaking of emotion, despite the lack thereof in the guitar solos, the songs themselves are rather full of it.

Zakk Wylde – Book of Shadows I and II

Lyrically, the album tends to revolve around faith, love, relationships, and loss. And yes, Zakk Wylde does talk about crying on this record. With the amount of diversity shown and the surprisingly engaging music you find yourself more caught up in the moment than the actual songwriting. If you have not heard it, I suggest that you give it a shot, you might be pleasantly surprised.

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Zakk Wylde - Book of Shadows 1996 [Full Album]

Cipieron October 30th Comments.Unfortunately, a lot of them lack the feeling or emotion that a lot of other guitar players succeed at, which I think really would have benefited each song individually. The Unheavenly Creatures.

The album closer "I Think You My Child" definitely showcases Wylde's piano talents much better because even though it's not entirely piano dominated, it's just a better song. Now while most of the album is acoustic rock, there are still distorted guitars that arise from time to time, enabling Zakk to add a little edge to the balladry and wrench tears from passerby with his outstanding solo work.

He put out material that he wanted to put out without giving a shit whether his fans would enjoy it or not.

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