Please visit my Blog to find the book you are looking for and download it for free. Click the link below Across: A Complete Review of Short Subjects (Volume 1). Download DAMS Handwritten Notes in PDF Format Free from Google Drive for Apart from number 1 coaching institute for the PG medical entrance . and grab the real books rather than pdf files or other soft copies. Visit for medical pg entrance preparation notes in eBook format. some books are free and some are not free. maximum.

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ENT MCQ (Size: MB / Downloads: 4,).pdf .pdf Human Physiology Objective Questions for PG (Size: MB. ACROSS: A Complete Review of Short Subjects Volume 1, 2 & 3, 9th edition by Saumya Shukla and Anurag Shukla is a book useful for all PG medical entrance . As these PG entrance exams are based on Multiple Choice I have compared recent editions of Arvind Arora books with Across and Amit.

May 6, , 3: Could you please telk me what book to read for short subjects like skin, anesthesia and psychiatry? I hv Across volume 1.

Is tht fine? Or shud I download arvind arora? Paresh Koli May 6, , Unless you are not happy with the content or the format then you can download Arvind Arora. Otherwise not necessary. Sir, I prepared for civil services for 3 years after mbbs but came out as a failure.

At this age of 28, should I be giving pgmee, though I want to give but have lingering doubts in the back of my mind regarding my age or proficiency. Kindly advice as I appear to be down and out. Paresh Koli May 11, , 9: So concentrate on that along with other subjects.

Neelofar Shaikh May 12, , Paresh Koli May 12, , U mean the review of subjects book ,the one you have mentioned above.? Surgery alone is not there i guess. Will that be ok for covering all the mcqs? Shintu May 15, , 6: Paresh Koli May 15, , Shintu May 15, , 7: I have joined for pg entrance coaching and attended few classes. I do not recommend students to attend coaching classes for PG entrance exams preparation in their UG days.

Concentrating on textbooks and university exams should be the main aim. If your basics are clear it will be easy to crack PG entrance exams. SIr, The subject wise books that you have mentioned up here are enough to prepare or we have to download and read those smart study series too? Also the dnb cet books and the treatise for neet books?

Do we have to study those books too? Paresh Koli May 18, , 1: Subject wise books are enough. So no need to study from other books. If you read subject wise books in and out it is more than enough to get a rank.

Sir, can you please tell if just these subject wise books are enough or we have to do this smart study series too.. And also about the dnb test series books and treatise for neet books? Thanusree P May 18, , 8: Sir, I want to write the aipgmee this time ie entrance. But I will only b finishing my internship on March Paresh Koli May 18, , 9: Final internship completion date is mainly required to be eligible for the counseling. Thanusree P May 19, , 8: Paresh Koli May 19, , Sorry for the mistake in the month.

Internship has to be completed on or before 31st March of that year and not May as I said earlier by mistake.

NEET PG 2019 Preparation Tips and Books

Sir,your recommendation s are great…but I want to know whether vivek Jain will be more than enough for PSM or I should study few topics from park also,. Vivek Jain is an excellent book. No need to read any other MCQ book.

You can use Park for reference but Vivek Jain is enough. Thank you sir.. Plz comment.. It will be great help for me???

Paresh Koli May 20, , If the latest version of Vivek Jain was out in January, I doubt that a newer version will come out this year.

Also it does not make a major difference if you have a book with reference from latest Park. You can continue with the edition which is in the market. Paresh Koli May 31, , 9: It is not too late if you are planning to work really hard. Start with 1st year and then go to 2nd year subjects.

After this you can go for short subjects and PSM. You can skip general medicine as it is very time consuming. If you have across stick to it. No need of downloading new books. If you want to do private practice in your own clinical MRCP is a good options. Getting into it is comparatively easier.

Paresh Koli July 19, , 8: I found sakshi arora little tough and concepts are little hard to understand!! Paresh Koli June 4, , You could consider looking at Arvind Arora one. If you are finding difficulty in understanding the book then you can always go back to textbooks for reference purpose. Paresh Koli June 5, , 9: You should start revising what you have already read and do some recent years papers as well.

Hello sir, Can u suggest if downloading dams subject wise books are good enough? And will there be much diff in given Jain latest edition or previous versions?

Paresh Koli June 9, , 9: I have personally never gone through DAMS books, so could not comment on that. Old edition will do just fine. Hello sir…i m studying from my coaching class notes nw.

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test

Paresh Koli June 16, , Prajna Nayak June 18, , 8: Paresh Koli June 20, , Sagar Srivastava June 19, , 7: Chaitrangi June 23, , 1: Paresh Koli June 24, , June 26, , 3: Paresh Koli June 26, , Venkat June 26, , 7: Sir I am doing internship now… I am taking online murali bharadwaz classes..

I had no books at all.. What would u suggest me how to prepare and crack entrance.. I am in confused. Paresh Koli June 27, , 9: Abhishek June 27, , Hello, sir I am the student of prefinal and i want to start preparation for aipg exam so please tell me to how to start.. Concentrate on your UG exams and textbooks. Tanu February 17, , Hello sir. Paresh Koli February 18, , 9: Those are way to old according to me specially for rapidly changing subjects like Pharmacology and Medicine.

You can read the same for other 1st and 2nd year subjects. Paresh Koli July 3, , 8: This is a very common question.

I think subject wise books I have mentioned in this article should be enough for you. All these books have theory before start of a chapter whic hhas enough content to answer the MCQs.

If you do not understand any topic you can always go back to textbooks. Paresh Koli July 28, , 7: Aaron July 17, , 4: Paresh Koli January 26, , Sir iam finding difficult to read and understand some subjects like physiology, ophthalmology in across.

Will arvind arora help me to overcome this difficulty? Reading a new book is only an option if you have enought time for that.

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Premkumar July 22, , 1: Sir, whether 1 week period is enough for each short subjects like anatomy, physiology, biochemistry..? Please guide me about time allotment for each subjects sir …. Paresh Koli July 22, , 3: Hello sir ,I have started preparation from January ,after seven years gap from MBBS ,due to sum family problems ,was doing govt.

Paresh Koli July 24, , Paresh Koli July 27, , 3: Like dams or bhatia classes. In short.. Paresh Koli July 31, , Books to be read and recommended are listed in this article. Concentrate on theory part. If you know theory well you can answer the MCQs.

Mohit Thareja August 15, , 5: Sir which book to refer for medicine. In mudit Khanna before mcqs synopsis is there and in Amit Ashish direct mcqs are given. But I have heard that Amit Ashish content is more than mudit Khanna. Paresh Koli August 15, , 7: Anirudh August 19, , 2: Hello sir,I started my preperation since April with only mcqs from above mentioned books n was only able to complete anat,physio,biochem,micro,pharmac,fm,Ent n medicine. Paresh Koli August 19, , Just do revision of what you have read as many times as possible.

Anirudh Sharma August 28, , 7: Sir I Hav read physiology from arora previously only mcqs.. Paresh Koli August 28, , 7: It should be done in 3 weeks max. No need to read theory books in and out. Instead revise the relevant theory part given in MCQ books like Arora. Paresh Koli August 29, , 8: These books are enough to crack all PG medical entrance exams. Paresh Koli August 31, , 8: Paresh Koli September 2, , 1: You can wait for a latest version of Vivek Jain which might come out end of year I am not sure whether it will and go through the updates which are given on intitial few pages.

across pg entrance book free download pdf

Anilkumar September 10, , 1: Paresh Koli September 10, , 9: Books I have marked as recommended are good. You should read those only. But I would not recommend reading MCQ books right now. You should concentrate on theory textbooks only according to me.

Paresh Koli September 12, , 6: Paresh Koli September 20, , 4: Sir, I have been reading class notes and doing some mcqs from the corresponding subj wise guides as you mentioned.

But now when the exam is in 2 months I feel like kind of lost. And it seems very difficult to revise with the notes and subject wise books. Please help me out. Give me a strategy to revise.. Paresh Koli September 28, , 9: Do not start with a new book now.

It is pointless and time-consuming. Just revise whatever you have already read. I think 2 months are more than enough to revise almost all the subjects. Do medicine in the end, as it is overlapping with many subjects and if you do not get enough time then you can even skip it. Thankyou sir. But to be precise, should I focus on doing more number of mcqs or repeatedly read classnotes. Which wil be more productive for aipgmee? Pls advice sir. Paresh Koli September 28, , 2: Paresh Koli September 29, , Manisha Raj October 5, , 4: Which online test serieser dams or bhatiyabshould i join….

Paresh Koli October 5, , 9: Does this smart series books help me. Reading subject wise books is more than enough. Just revising those as many times as possible, no need to read multiple books. Anirudh October 6, , 2: I hav gone through ur article its was very useful.. I hav a query sir.. Or do v hav any other good books for paeds? And sir how is this book punith bojani for obs gyni? I hav it…shall I get sakhi arora?? Paresh Koli October 6, , 7: For Pediatrics, there are not too many options and Arvind Arora is the best bet.

For ObGy, both books are good. Sakshi Arora is a good book and has enough content needed for the exams. Anirudh October 7, , Anirudh October 7, , 1: Sir I have Arvind aroras short subject book fr opthal ent n Ortho…n also hav ent sakshi arora n Ortho anurag mehta separately.. I read ent from sakshi n Ortho from anurag..

Since Im preparing fr next year n as I hav Ortho n Ent in Arvind arora shall I start preparing ent n Ortho from Arvind arora or stick to sakshi n anurag..?? Paresh Koli October 7, , 9: Just revise what you have already read, as many times as possible. Which would u suggest?? Plz help.. Anirudh October 17, , 6: Paresh Koli October 17, , Asik October 20, , I had studied mcq books mentioned here once, finished now only, huge delay i know i should have finished atleast two weeks before.

Should i have to do any question banks also? Paresh Koli October 20, , 7: Only revise things which you have already read. Do not try to read new things or go to new books. Do as many revisions as possible and it will suffice. Ashik October 20, , 9: Ashik October 20, , Hello sir, I am preparing for Aipgmee sir. I have read subject wise mcqs books once. Finished now only, huge delay I know sir, should have finished at least two weeks ago..

What plan should I follow now going to start revision from today onwards.. Quite confused whether to read ROAMS like books or revise my already studied subject wise mcqs books??..

Is doing mcqs from question banks like mudhit Khanna also essential? I have very little time give me a plan sir plz.. I am a slow learner.. I m in 2nd yr 3rd semester.. Should i prepare for pg in 2nd yr or its too early..

I m very focussed abt my carrer.. Which mcq book is best for mcqs of 1st yr syllabus plz also send me pdf link of tht book… Thnku. Paresh Koli October 22, , I do not recommend reading PG entrance books in the UG days.

You should focus on reading the textbooks, it will give you more knowledge then reading MCQ books. You can have a loof at MCQ books to get an idea about the type of questions asked in PG entrance exams. Paresh Koli October 31, , Anirudh November 5, , 2: Micro-rachana chaurasia? Ent-sakshi arora or Arvind arora?

Ortho-Arvind arora or anurag mehra? Surgery-Amith Ashish or punith bhojani dis sir has only given mcqs n no theory before it Opthal-arvind arora?? OG-sakshi arora or punith bhojani? Thank you.

Paresh Koli November 5, , Anirudh November 5, , 4: Anirudh November 6, , 2: Sir I started preparing only from September, giving 1st attempt. Will revising this is sufficient for Aipgmee exam or subject wise study is necessary to crack in future?

Or continue solving only these will do?

Paresh Koli November 24, , 8: For the time limit you have, reading the mentioned books should be enough. If you are preparing for next years exam then you should preferably start subject wise reading.

Sir please provide me guidelines for preparation of pgi chandigarh… I am preparing for may Paresh Koli November 29, , Otherwise subject wise books mentioned by me are enough.

Sir,i was preparing for usmle and cleared all the three steps. Now i am planning to prepare for med pg. Is that possible?. Please help me. Paresh Koli December 4, , Anyways it is definitely possible, all you need to do is read subject wise books I have mentioned in this article. Paresh Koli December 5, , Well if you have enough time that you are confident with your knowledge of standard textbooks then you can go ahead and read MCQ books. Anil jain December 29, , 5: Sir Hows Mudit khanna for medicine and Pritesh Singh for surgery??

Is it a good book and shld i download it? Patel January 13, , 5: Please also suggest mcq book for recent aiims papers as amit ashish not available for the same.

Srishti January 17, , 7: Paresh Koli January 18, , 9: Asif January 21, , 1: Paresh Koli January 21, , Shruthi January 21, , 3: Patel January 26, , Paresh Koli January 27, , Paresh Koli January 28, , Vitashta January 30, , 9: Vitashta khadka January 30, , 9: Sir can we do double MD? I hv completed MD patho last yr.

Paresh Koli February 3, , Umr February 3, , 3: Sir i didnt study much during my mbbs…by luck i passed them.. Now i want to prepare for andhrapradesh pg, How should i make a start? Iam very weak with theory part text books I will be writing my pg exam in first quarter of Please give me a detailed plan.. Which subjects to start with and what follows them..

You still have lot oof time before you appear for the exams. Start subject wise books I have recommended in this article. You can start with 1st-year subjects and then go for 2nd-year ones. Read subjects with high weightage in the exams 1st. You can leave Medicine and Surgery for the end. Umr February 4, , 2: Should i start with the reviews or texts??

I dont know the weightage of the subjects could you plz mention it.. If i should start with text books.. Sorry for troubling you much.. Paresh Koli February 4, , 2: You can start with the reviews snd refer to textbooks if you do not understand a certain topic.

Anirudh February 7, , Paresh Koli February 7, , Sir…among non clinical branches which is good for PG…..

Pathology or Microbiology or forensic? Paresh Koli February 8, , 9: Totally depends on your interest. But Pathology is highly pursued branch. You can also consider Pharmacology if you want to enter into corporate world.

Durga February 8, , I have not prepared for entrance exams during my ug days or internship and have just started reading…Is it possible to crack aipg…. Anirudh February 9, , 1: Akshata Patil February 14, , 9: Paresh Koli February 15, , 2: I think right now you should only concentrate on the standard textbooks.

DO not shift your focus to MCQs. Reading theory well is enough to gain knowledge for answering the MCQs. Akshata Patil February 16, , 6: Anisha February 21, , 5: That was really really helpful! I am a 3rd minor student prefinal year and have started reading harrisons for medicine.

But sometimes i feel its a waste of time reading everything. Would you suggest readin it now? And if yes, which chapters or parts from Harrison nees due attention? And what shud be my approach in 3rd minor. Should i complete medicine and some othee final year topic or just continue with psm ent ophtlm plus watever coaching notes they give? Paresh Koli February 24, , 6: Along with those you can read Major subjects in details. Read main systems from Harrison. I gives it very nicely. Paresh Koli February 24, , 7: You can definitely crack the PG medical entrance exams.

Future can be bright if you work hard right now. Start subject wise books I have mentioned and make sure you get at least 2 revisions before going to final exam. You can refer standard textbooks if you do not understand a certain topic. Keep confidence in yourself. And your scores are good. So all you need to do is just work hard. DrAnu February 23, , 6: Should I download different books for med surg and psm or one by AA with all 3 subjects wl b good…what is the difference between them.

download different books. download Arvind Arora for Surgery. DrAnu February 25, , Nidhi February 25, , 9: Hello sir, I just passed my final year exams and about to begin internship from march.. Should I start with subject-wise revisions and download these books? Paresh Koli February 26, , Yes you should start subject wise. I think you still have enough time if you work hard enough. You should aim for at least one revision.

RD February 29, , 6: Preparation time for NEET is very short and I believe that even one day lost in prep cannot be compensated for at a later date. So I adhered to my time table strictly and was able to meet my targets for the day. If so, how? Initially after negative marking was introduced, I attempted a few mocks by being cautious in attempting the questions and my scores were a bit low. For e. You get positive 4 marks but also lose 4 marks in negative.

But I stuck with my strategy of attempting all questions and that helped me. I would score myself only 1. What do you wish, you could have done better to have been more prepared? So it seemed like a maze and my lack of clarity regarding the exam is why I felt unprepared for the exam until I took it up. How did it affect your preparation? I did have a couple of ups and downs during my preparation.

Everyone would have a few subjects that they are not comfortable with. But others might find it quite simple and easy. Pathology DAMS. Pharmacology DAMS. Microbiology DAMS. Ophthalmology DAMS. Medicine DAMS. Pediatrics DAMS. Anesthesia DAMS. Orthopedics DAMS. Psychiatry DAMS. Oncology Notes. Apart from the regular notes, you can download additional notes from the teachers mentioned below.

These are Thameem sir notes for Medicine and Ashwini sir notes for Anatomy. These are again under the DAMS notes section and are handwritten notes properly. Please note these are external links and we do not host any downloads on our website. If you are the owner of the content or have disputes regarding the terms, please read our complete Disclaimer page or leave us a message via our Contact Us page. Any violation or infringement will be immediately removed upon confirmation.

We are regularly updating our library for more medical stuff that helps students and doctors around the world. We would so require your support to grow larger with time, bookmark us and show the love. If there are any books or specific medical stuff that you require, do let us know through comments or mailing us. We always note the requests, and try to comply to them whenever possible. But like we said, we always encourage students and doctors to approach hard copies and grab the real books rather than pdf files or other soft copies.

Appreciate your response. You can follow us on https: Hi, firstly I wana say thank you for your kindness to help us with all the educational materials.

I tried opening the First Year Anatomy Notes link but it is redirecting me elsewhere. Please help. Thank you. Would always be greatful for your support to students like me. I was unable to download the first yr subjects, can you please recheck the links provided? Thank you again. Hello, your notes are so helpful.Sir I am doing internship now… I am taking online murali bharadwaz classes..

Paresh Koli January 18, , 9: Also you can get help from other users of our forum as well this way. March 28, 2. For Pediatrics, there are not too many options and Arvind Arora is the best bet. Sir thanx a lot for guidance. I hv completed MD patho last yr.

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